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Google page experience

Why should you worry about Google Page Experience?

A new ranking algorithm by Google called Page Experience will come into effect by Mid-June 2021. 

So, What is Page experience?

It is a new SEO metric rolled out by Google to measure the usability of a website through a user’s experience. As per Google, it is a set of signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure information value. It includes Core Web Vitals, which is a set of metrics that measure real-world user experience for loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability of the page.

Why it is important for SEO? This new metric’s goal is to understand how the user perceives a web page’s experience. The Page Experience report will measure the percentage of URLs on a website that offers a good experience based on an evaluation of the below factors.  
  1. Mobile-Friendly – Measure of how well a web page translates into mobile devices. Google is removing the AMP requirement for top stories. Now Page Experience Update will determine which content should be on the top stories section.
  2. Safe browsing – A page that is free of any malware or social engineering.
  3. HTTPS usage – If a page is served over HTTPS, an encrypted network protocol.
  4. Intrusive ads – A site that does not use any advertising techniques that are distracting, interrupting a good user experience. So never block the content with interstitials unless you like to create a poor user experience for your visitors.
  5. Core Web Vitals –
    Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Measure of a page’s loading time ideally which should be under 2.5 seconds. It is one of the critical elements of core web vitals. You can check your website’s speed using Google’s PageSpeed Insights and improvise.
    First Input Delay (FID): How long a page takes to become interactive which is less than 100miliseconds.
    Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Measure of web page’s visual stability which is less than 0.1.
Your website will rank higher if the user experience is good meeting all the above criteria & will be penalized with a lower rank if the user experience is poor.

A new Page Experience report is now available in Google Search Console along with the Core Web Vitals report.

Even though there are new metrics coming up much emphasis is still on the high-quality content. Improvise your website page experience along with relevant content. (link to content marketing)

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