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Shapes in Logo

Why and how to use shapes in our logo

When we design a logo for our business, lot of thoughts goes into it. We would need a logo which depicts company’s profile and vision. Colour and Geometrical shapes used in a logo play an important role in branding. Here I’m trying to spread knowledge about using shapes in logo.

Shapes are used in logo designing, not just for an aesthetical appeal. There is lot of science and art behind it. They are important aspect of logo design as they are associated with different emotions and symbolize different idea.  They have a different psychological effect on human brains. It is important to understand the message each shape gives out when designing a logo.

Let’s talk about the most popular shapes in logo designs:

Circles/Curves/Ovals: Circles are the most common shapes used in logo designing. They seem softer and convey positive emotional messages. Ovals and Curves come under this category which are often associated with femininity and depicts support and protection. Interlocking circles and rings are associated with idea of marriage which shows commitment and strength. Circles don’t have any corners and edges which portray consistency and reliability.

Squares/Rectangles: Squares are another inherently popular shapes. Because of their equal size they show balance and solidarity. They are considered to be gender-neutral shapes which shows equality. A square or a rectangle brings out trust in people who are looking for strength and safety. Their inherent edginess makes an impact stronger and bolder than round shapes but are often overlooked by human eyes.

Triangles: Triangles are considered to be masculine shapes which depict strength, aggression and speed.  They are less popular in logo designing, as their association is dependent on their orientation within an image. They should be always pointing towards upwards or towards right to indicate direction, growth and innovation.  Triangles are chosen if you are looking for a unique logo design.

Vertical/Horizontal Lines:  Lines formation in a logo influence the perception of the audience. Vertical lines are masculine and depict strength and courage. Like squares they convey professionalism. They are often used to guide the eye in a particular direction.

On the other hand, horizontal lines give more feminine feeling which is associated with calmness and reliability. It gives a feeling of settlement and protection to the audience. Lines are chosen based on the personality of the brand.

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