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They are a one-stop solution for outpatient health care. The Family Doctor Clinics in Bangalore was born for bridging the gaps in the current healthcare ecosystem with the adoption of best practices and the latest technology. The family doctor clinic has touched over 2 million lives and is always looking forward to serving many more. They provide trustworthy and affordable healthcare for you and your family in your neighborhood!

Family Doctor previous site had 30 pages. The challenge was to reduce the pages and make a site much sleeker and informative with the same content but with fewer pages. Also, the site was not responsive. So we had to work towards a responsive site.

We developed a design language with strong elements from their brand book to create a distinguished appearance that works across different campaign styles. The design was kept clean and centered around where we want the user to go within the site and which actions we need him to take. We tried to find a balance between features and a streamlined funnel—something to be validated once we give it in hands of a couple of thousand users. At the same time, we made sure the design would look great in the mobile and tab versions as well.


Results of SEO Services

Average click rate on the site increased to 25% on the desktop and 35% on the mobile. The bounce rate of the site also was reduced by 12%.

Average click rate on the site increased on Desktop


Average click rate on the site increased on Mobile


The bounce rate of the site also was reduced


Our experience with Shloka Concepts has been a wonderful experience. Their approach to get the work done on time, while maintaining a sense of professionalism has greatly helped us to create our website on time. The quality of their work reflects on their projects. Would definitely refer their services.

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