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Power of hashtags

Power of hashtags in social media

What is a hashtag?

Once it was known as the “pound” sign or been a synonymous for the game of Tic Tac Toe.

Now Hashtag characterizes content to make it more discoverable to the people searching for a content. It can be a combination of letters, numbers, symbols or emojis preceded by # (Hashtag) and they are linkable.

Hashtags are the ways to connect social media content to specific topic, conversation or event as they assemble all the social media content of the same topic with that hashtag.

Hashtags are the common things every social media platform has. Hence it connects all relevant hashtags used in different social media.

Now power of hashtag has taken the social media by storm for the following reasons.

  • Hashtags are used by all and anyone can view it and explore.
  • They increase your visibility outside your own followers as anyone can click on the hashtag and see your profile.
  • According to research using even a single hashtag can increase the post engagement by 12.6%.
  • They provide your business insights on your target customer’s interests.
  • By simply clicking on the relevant hashtag to your business you can interact with the potential audiences.
  • Visibility will be increased and chances of turning the audience into customer is more.

Hence Hashtags are proved to be the powerful tools of social media marketing.

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