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Importance of Digital Marketing for a Start-up

Starting a business is hard! It is a great achievement if you are able to launch your business in the current global scenario. Start-ups develop products and services to fill the gaps in the existing market.

The word start-up is associated with a business that has high growth potential. Lot of pressure on them to grow exponentially in short time to source funding from the investors. Hence it is important to build their presence in the market with the available budget. A start-up budgeting strategy will lean towards digital marketing which is cost effective than traditional marketing.

Popularity of internet has had an intense influence on all our lives. We rely on online platform to get information on most of the products and services available in the market.

This makes digital marketing, which essentially means advertising through online channels such as search engines, social media, mobile app, websites etc. a powerful tool to communicate start-up’s unique selling point (USP) to the right audience.

Here are digital marketing tips for the start-ups:

  1. SEO : For a start-up, first and foremost important thing is to have a user friendly, mobile responsive and SEO friendly website. Make it search engine friendly by optimizing the website content with the right keywords.
  1. Analyze the target market : Understand the target audience by defining the target audience age, interests, geographic locations and sex. Do a competitor’s analysis to understand their online presence and target market. Reaching right audience will cost more through traditional method than digital marketing.
  1. Content marketing : Create a unique content to build the interest for your products and services among your potential customers. Invest on solid content marketing strategy which can engage the target audience. Ideal content will increase the organic traffic your website moving up your ranking on search engines.
  1. Social Media Marketing : Social media platforms and website defines your online presence. It is important for a start-up to be active on the social media platform. Social media is the key for leveraging your brand awareness and value. Good social media strategies will have a profound impact on lead generation, conversion and creating brand awareness.
  1. Video Marketing : Videos are becoming the powerful tool to communicate effectively. According to studies future of marketing belongs to videos. In the coming years they represent more than 80% internet traffic. Customer engagement and conversion percentage is more compared to other media.
  1. Influencer Marketing : Influencer marketing is making its mark in social media marketing since 2016. It acts like a referral. Appreciating something you liked to the people who are following your profile.
  1. E-mail Marketing : It is one of the cost-effective methods to showcase your products. Creating attractive promotional e-mails about the products and services to the potential customers is an effective tool a start-up should imbibe.

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