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Important tips to boost SEO on your WordPress Website

Are you looking for tips to improve your WordPress website’s SEO outside of Yoast?

Follow the below suggestions to improve your WordPress SEO & rank higher on search engines.

  1. A good hosting provider

Website speed is one of the criteria to rank higher on Google. A Good host can push your SERP’s higher on search engines. Ranking factors like website down time & physical distance between servers & visitors depends on the host.

  1. WordPress Theme

When we are choosing the theme, visual designs & interactions are the most important things we consider. But a theme can affect your site’s performance by reducing the speed. Speed being one of the criteria to top on search engines, be wise to pick a theme which is optimised for search engines.

  1. Make it mobile friendly

Mobile usage has overtaken desktop in the recent years & will continue to do so as smart phone features are getting better.

Google’s aim is to provide the absolute best user experience to the user. So, making your website look at its best when browsed on mobile is at most important.

  1. Publish relevant content

There is no substitute for a quality content. Relevant & authoritative content is the key to drive traffic to your website. Increase in traffic will improve the authority score of the website on search engines.

Think how an end user might search for that specific topic & do a thorough keyword research to write the content for the website.

  1. Regular Upgrade of the content

Along with the high-quality content, Search engine views regularly updated content as an indicator of website’s relevancy. Writing blogs at regular intervals with content rich in relevant keywords will help boost the website rankings.

  1. Meta Data & Alt Tags

Title metadata is the most important meta data for the website. It is displayed as a headline on search engines. Using a keyword phrase to write the title metadata would help the search engines to crawl your website.

Don’t forget to describe your image or video on website using alt tags. Keywords used as alt tags will allow search engines to locate your page. Specially when screen readers are used.

  1. Enable your breadcrumbs

Site’s navigation plays an important role in SEO ranking. All the pages on your website should be linked properly to guide the user from start to end. Google gives the highest authority to those websites which have clean breadcrumbs.

There are few more things which we can do to make a WordPress website SEO friendly. If you are interested to improve your website SEO you can reach out to us at https://r0k.85a.myftpupload.com/.

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