Optimize Your Business for Google Voice Search

SEO strategy for any business is incomplete without optimizing your website for voice search. It’s a technology which is around since many years. But its popularity is increasing with gen z using more and more smartphones.  

Gone are the days where people used to find speaking to the computers is funny. Now you can see every other person speaking into their watches asking queries & getting voice responses.

Voice chat is more attractive as it is quicker & handsfree. It has become one of the most popular kinds of search. So how do you optimize your business & website for voice search?

  1. Optimize for Local Search: Most of the voice searches are done for the information about the places they want to visit. It is important to improve your local listing and optimize the content for the local search in your Google my business page. Update the business page with right keywords & location.
  1. Reduce Loading time: Page loading speed is one of the most important determining factors for the website ranking. Websites with clean & simple content with faster loading speed always has an upper hand while ranking on Google.
  1. Use Long Tail Keywords: Remember customer will be using the voice search not the keyword search. Do your research for long length keywords to suit human communication.

For example, if you are targeting “best dental clinic Indiranagar” keywords, modify it to something like “which is the best dental clinic in Indiranagar?”

Your keyword tool will be of a great help here.

  1. Optimize the content: Optimize the content as per the target-based audience questions. Most of the voice searches will be in the form of questions. Preparing the conversational content will help the search engines to read your content easily. Tag the photos & videos with geographical information.
  1. User Experience: Making the website mobile friendly and secured. This will help reduce the bounce rate. Add location specific pages other than footer information.

For business to rank on top voice search optimization is must. If you are looking for someone to do this for your business, reach us at https://r0k.85a.myftpupload.com/

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