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How to build your brand during social distancing?

Social distancing guideline has become everyone’s new normal. Amidst Covid-19 pandemic, engaging and retaining clients without in person interaction is difficult. When people are isolated, embracing the remote technology is proving to be the way forward. As the Covid-19 pandemic begins to unfold, soon we may be living in a digital world entirely.

Here are some of the useful digital tools for the business to make the most of this increased gadgets time.


Make your business’s online presence more prominent by creating a user-friendly, optimized and responsive website. Having a website is an excellent way to communicate with the consumers at any time. Website with a strong SEO will get the highest ranking helping the customers to find your business online easily. This will drive more traffic which means more potential clients.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great tool to use during social distancing. Many small business owners are discovering the significance of producing professional digital marketing ads during health crises. Though it is not the best time to shoot a new video content, use your creativity to restructure the old video content and push it out on all platforms. Considering the situation Ads need to be relevant, entertaining and insightful to drive the conversions. 


Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the intended channels for the people to connect with each other. Since the lockdown social media usage is growing exponentially. This creates opportunities for your business to attract more consumers and engage with the followers. Share relevant updates as your business page posts, stories or through blogs and articles. More you post, the more people will see and remember the brand.


Facebook and Instagram Live

Go live on Facebook and Instagram to allow your customers to look into your business. Update them about your current business updates and let them know of any future initiatives of your business. Through this you show them that you care about your customers and let them know that how they can be your support during this crisis.


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