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In the fast-paced digital world, staying ahead of the competition means not only offering superior services but also ensuring your online presence is top-notch. At Shloka Concepts, one of the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore. We understand the significance of Technical SEO in achieving this goal.

In this blog post, we will delve into the technical aspects of SEO, including website speed, mobile optimization, structured data, and how to perform an SEO audit to fix common technical issues. Discover how these tactics can be useful by reading on.

  • Performing an SEO Audit:

Why Conduct an SEO Audit?


  1. An SEO audit helps identify and rectify technical issues that may hinder your website’s performance.
  2. It provides insights into areas that need improvement, making your site more search engine-friendly.
Steps to Perform an SEO Audit:


  1. Crawl Your Website: Use tools like Screaming Frog or Google Search Console to identify issues like broken links, duplicate content, or crawl errors.
  2. Check Website Structure: Ensure a logical site structure with clear navigation. Review On-Page SEO: Assess title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags for optimization.
  3. Analyze Backlinks: Evaluate the quality of your backlinks using tools like Moz or Ahrefs.
  4. Monitor Website Speed: Continuously monitor and improve loading times.
  • Website Speed Optimization:

Importance of Website Speed:
  1. The loading speed of your website is a critical factor for both user experience and SEO ranking.
  2. Slow-loading sites can lead to high bounce rates and decreased search engine visibility.

How to Improve Website Speed:
  1. Compress images and use efficient file formats.
  2. Minimize HTTP requests and leverage browser caching.
  3. Invest in reliable hosting services and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).
  • Mobile Optimization:

Mobile-First Approach:

In today’s mobile-driven world, Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites.

Responsive design and mobile optimization are non-negotiable.

Mobile SEO Best Practices:
  1. Ensure a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes.
  1. Optimize images and use mobile-friendly fonts.
  1. Test your website’s mobile-friendliness using tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.
  • Structured Data Implementation:

Understanding Structured Data:
  1. Structured data, often in the form of Schema Markup, helps search engines understand your website’s content better.
  1. It enhances your chances of appearing in rich search results (e.g., featured snippets).

Implementing Structured Data:

  1. Identify opportunities for structured data on your site, such as product reviews, business information, or events.
  1. Use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper to create the necessary code.
  1. Test your structured data with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.


Incorporating technical SEO strategies is the key to unlocking exceptional online visibility and growth for your business. At Shloka Concepts, as one of the leading SEO companies in Bangalore and a top-tier SEO services company in Bangalore, we understand the nuances of technical SEO and its pivotal role in digital success. By applying these best practices, you can trust us to elevate your online presence, making Shloka Concepts your trusted partner in the journey towards online excellence.

If you’re ready to harness the power of technical SEO, contact us today and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

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