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Logo designing, does it sound like an easy task? No. 

Logo designing is more than just drawing a shape and putting your company name inside it and then you are done.  

Truth is logo designing is a skill and it takes a lot of experience to come up with a logo that is relevant to your business and one which can connect your customers to your business. Shloka Concepts also work as the Best graphic designing company in bangalore for logo Designes. 

The logo designer needs to know the business for which she/he is designing a logo. Like this, there are a few more things that a designer needs to consider designing a perfect logo for the business.

In this article, we have tried to compile those important lists of things to keep in mind.

  1. Know your brand

Most important and the first thing to do before starting the design is to do some groundwork to know about the brand. The designer’s job is interesting as they get to learn a different thing with each project as every client is different. A better understanding of the client and their product will help you go in the right direction. 

Talk to your client to understand the history behind the brand, their values, and how they are different from others in the market. This initial homework is required to understand the client’s market.

  1. Focus on the target audience

A good logo may not connect with every audience, but it surely does with the right customers. A logo should tell a story to its audience. Any work on the logo should start with a deep discovery of the brand identity and positioning in the market. The message it shouts should focus on whom you are attracting. Don’t bring your personal style. Keep your taste out of the design. 

  1. Make it memorable

The best logo will provide a piece of clear information about the brand to the viewer. Adapting simplicity is impactful. An impactful logo will stay in potential customers’ minds despite being in the competition with many others in the market. A simple & impactful logo can be recalled even after a short glance. 

  1. Get inspiration 

Do a quick search of logos related to the brand’s industry. Having an idea about the competitors will give a clear picture of keeping our logo different from them. Better to consider the inspiration from the big brands in the market.

  1. Ask for a second opinion

Four eyes are always better than 2 to avoid making a blunder. Check with your colleague or a friend for his/her opinion. There are forums on the web where you can ask for opinions. 

  1. Be right with colors

Start with black and white color till the design is approved by the client. Once the design is approved chose the colors wisely as it is the first thing audience will notice. For this, you need to analyze the competitors for what kind of colors are being used. Colors are the most important aspects of a logo design. Each color conveys a different meaning, so make sure you are choosing the right color for the brand to convey the right message about the brand.

  1. Right font or typeface

It is essential to choose the right font to compliment the logo. Avoid traditional typefaces and try to explore unique fonts for a more professional look. 

We hope you have enough tips to start designing your logo. If you are looking for a logo designer, we are here to help you.

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