What is a chatbot?

In simple terms, a chatbot is a tool that has a programmed chat interface to interact with a website visitor in a human conversational manner.

For any business customer service is the most important aspect. Every business wants an unravelling experience for their customers visiting their website or app. So, what is the best option? Contact form? Contact page? Live chat? Or Chatbots?

When you look at today’s consumer behavior, they don’t like to wait for days to get an answer to their queries.  For this reason, chatbots have gained popularity globally. Now they are the prime communicating tools.  They provide the benefits of a contact form to collect the data plus a live response.

There are many benefits of chatbots. Here we are trying to list a few among them.

  1. All-time availability

Live chats are available for a limited time of the day like 8 am to 5 pm and only during weekdays.

But Chatbots are functional 24 hrs. a day and all 7 days of a week. It outdoes the coverage from a human assistant as they don’t take lunch breaks, have no sick days, or will never close for the day.

  1. Multilingual response

Humans operating live chats cannot be experts in multiple languages. They will have to copy clients’ requests and use a translator to respond which is time-consuming.

Whereas chatbots can be customized to respond in many languages. They answer clients’ questions in their native language. This gives a greater user experience to your customer which is an advantage for your business.

  1. Instant response

Live chats will have an issue engaging more traffic. There will be a longer wait time. It is hard for human live chats to handle many requests simultaneously.

Chatbots are programmed with artificial intelligence to process the response in seconds. It can engage in multiple conversations simultaneously while still providing instant answers. It is designed in a way to make sure that each visitor gets a personalized experience.

  1. Lead generation

Users need to enter their information on a contact page or inquiry form. In most cases, they may not do so as it is time taking.

When chatbots are installed on to your website they can collect the contact information of the users efficiently without having them fill out the form. A Chatbot can be synced to the CRM to share the details with the sales team.

There are many more other reasons to prove that Chatbots are a good lead generating devices for a business.

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