Which is better: Reels or In-feed posts in Instagram SMM

Organizations & users are in two minds about the type of content they have to post so as to urge maximum traction. We are here to unravel that very problem. We are visiting dive deep into the main points and facilitate your find what’s the simplest content for you. Let’s get straight into it.

As we witness more and more Instagram users migrating to TikTok, Instagram is doing everything in its control to entice users back on it’s platform, with one in all its more contentious features, Instagram reels. no matter the very fact that reels are there for over two years, an out of this world amount of Instagram users are still not taking advantage of their potential. Merely posting the exact same 90-second clip as a reel rather than a video may result in increased views and engagement.

So what are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are basically vertical video clips that repeat and last between 15 and 90 seconds. Captions, creative editing tools, and also the Instagram music library are among the features available. Reels will be made directly on Instagram or through the third-party video apps on your mobile phones.

Video content also can be posted to your main Instagram enclose addition to the Reels tab. after you post a reel it pops au fait your feed yet because the reels section. Including your Reel in a very Story increases the probabilities of it being seen. Reels can indeed be shared to Stories directly. they’ll also appear in Facebook’s newsfeed. due to the reels, the format is right for product showcases. Short clip, for instance, is currently fashionable beauty brands.

And what are Instagram posts?

Instagram Posts are clips, photos, and carousels which are posted to ones Feed. Posts can indeed be posted individually or as a part of a Carousel. Almost everything posted as a Post (such as Reels posted In-Feed instead of within the Reels tab) will appear on your Instagram grid. In-Feed Posts are the “traditional” Instagram content.

In the meantime, In-Feed Posts like videos and carousels increase engagement by working to develop to tap. Carousels are particularly fashionable label accounts immediately. They’re ideal for displaying your polished product photos from various angles

In-Feed Posts allow users to precise ones creativity and showcase items on your own terms. Such “hand-picked” posts are what make your Instagram grid look nice.

There are both pros and cons of Instagram Reels to think about.


1. Reels Are Easy to make

Video content frequently necessitates a major investment within the style of money, and production. Nevertheless, like TikTok, reels are crafted to be short videos—up to 90 seconds—that don’t necessitate a major of investment and are created within the app. And, because they’re quick to form, they’re also quick to consume, allowing viewers to induce to grasp you and your brand without having to take a position plenty of your time.

2. Increases your organic reach

When Instagram unveils a brand new feature, it incentives accounts that use it. Instagram Reels is that the best thanks to go viral on the platform and increase your organic reach without spending cash on advertisements.

3. Reels have a extended period when put next to feed posts.

Reels, unlike a number of the opposite varieties of Instagram content, don’t vanish an hour after you press the ‘Publish’ button. The algorithm can select a Reel at whatever time and start distributing it to more users.


1. Instagram Reels cannot be promoted

Instagram desires Reels to possess an organic environment, so you cannot use paid ads to spice up Reel posts as you’ll be able to with feed videos. this could change within the future, except for the nowadays, you need to focus on organically expanding your reach.

2. Confusing algorithm – The Instagram reels algorithm has never been well understood. Everything we all know that employing hashtags and therefore the right attributes increases the quantity of individuals who watch your videos, but there’s no specific algorithm that’s correct during this case.

Instagram posts currently have a median engagement of but 2 to three. Assume you’ve got 2000 Instagram followers and post a typical video. Only a little percentage of your followers will see your post. it’s not uncommon for that exact video, but as a reel, to be seen by several times the amount of followers you have got thanks to the Explore feature.

– Displaying images from professional photoshoots and promotions

– High-quality photos, videos, and user-generated content (UGC) from various angles of your product.

– Posts within which you would like to stimulate debate and back-and-forth along with your audience

Your Instagram feed could be an excellent spot to develop your brand’s aesthetic. This helps new visitors to your profile understand who you’re and why they must concentrate to you.

At the instant, Instagram is heavily favouring reels, making it easier than ever to create it onto the Explore page. Trying to create it onto the explore page are some things that each brand strives for, and reels are your best bet. Instagram reels with 3-5 hashtags relevant to the content itself will assist the Instagram algorithm in determining which audiences your content should be shared with.

If you would like to grow your brand and online presence, you need to incorporate reels into your Instagram marketing strategy. If you are not making Reels by 2022, start now.

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